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AGRIMONIA - s/t CD (IJC/Detesta Records)


通常価格 1,000円




"This slab of darker-than-dark Swedish hardcore starts off with a haunting, atmospheric intro that sounds like what you would hear after nuclear winter has set in. Once the rest of the band kicks in, we’re treated to some intensely gloomy symphonic horror in the vein of MALACHI or FALL OF EFRAFA. The doom doesn’t stop with the music, either. The lyrics are just as dark, but poetic and offer little hope for humanity. If you like your hardcore short and sweet, you’ll be in for a disappointment – the shortest track on the CD is nine minutes long. In all, there are 5 tracks spanning 50-plus minutes of gloom. However the songs are so well-crafted that it doesn’t feel like the songs are as long as they are. This isn’t just a neo-crust album, this is art. (DI) " - Profane Existence (https://profanexistence.com) Release date: 2008