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COUNTERBLAST - Faceless 10" (Alerta Antifascista Records)



"Monumental crust from Sweden. Uultra intense, dark crust punk in the vein of Neurosis. Passionate and apocalyptic. The most amazing thing since Neurosis' "souls at zero" in this genre. A harsh, brutal and extremely intense soundmix filled with anger, power, energy and hatred with good political lyrics without clichés. Far away from all the mish mash, not the slightest bit stale, but fresh powerfull and with unrestrained anger they thrash their way through their set. Awesome band and wonderfull songs! A very unique style that blends elements of crust, metal and somewhat ambient, eerie and tribal sounding music together. You can hear some influences from other bands such as Amebix, Dystopia and Neurosis in parts, but Counterblast's is something truly unique that must be experienced to understand how amazing this is." - Alerta Antifascista Records (http://www.no-pasaran.org) Release date: 2010