SOFY MAJOR - one-sided gatefold screenprinted 12"EP (IRAE)
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SOFY MAJOR - one-sided gatefold screenprinted 12"EP (IRAE)



¥800 税込



"Screamo has slowly, but safely become one of my favoritegenres. The energy, anxiety, and the rage is so perfectly balanced and in the end it becomes something so beuatiful. And now when my latest star, Sofy Major, has appeared in the picture it feels like screamo forever will be with me. But enough about me. Sofy Major is a french Screamo-band that is very right on, unlike alot of bands in the scene that rather build up their songs and doesn't release the anger until the end of the song. Sofy Major, on the other hand, always manage to keep the same energy throughout their songs, which results in a spray of rage and melody, that always succeedes to walk hand by hand. That is probably the reason that makes me love Maxi, there is always a wonderful melody beneath the rest of the nistruments, and vocalist Bastiens shriek. It is so beautiful that I want to cry, but at the same time so rough that I just want to bang my fist to the wall. But I do not want to guide you in the wrong direction, or confuse you with saying that it's too rough or too melodic. Read this last sentence and you will know all you need to know. It is wonderful." - Set Us Free Release date: 2009