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FLYBLOWN / WARVICTIMS - split CD (Black Seeds)

通常価格 1,000円




"England’s FLYBLOWN play harsh & brutal crust noise with grunted vocals and downtuned guitar. They influenced by bands such as Disclose, Dismachine, Totalitar and Framtid. The band has cut a space for itself on the underground punk scene as a band with political intent and an extreme musical style. This is their last track ever!! WARVICTIMS play raging D-beat raw punk in the Scandinavian tradition, including a cover of DISCHANGE’s classic “After War Scars”. This split consist 10 track from WARVICTIMS and 5 track from FLYBLOWN. " - Black Seeds *ジャケット画像はLPバージョンのものですが、ほぼ同じです。 Release date: 2009