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ACTIVE MINDS / LOS REZIOS - split 7"EP (Aback Distro Records)



UKアナーコパンク・ベテラン"ACTIVE MINDS"の2018年新作。相手はペルーのポリティカル・メタリック・クラスト"LOS REZIOS"。 ”ACTIVE MINDS (UK) - From tireless A.M. There is another piece of political hardcore punk from England, hich both lyrically and musically builds on previously released titles. Besides, as we know, they deal with the absurdity and hypocrisy of religious conservatives. The Brotherhood duo is still in control and we can see it again. Listening is possible on the bandcamp of the band. LOS REZIOS (Peru) - After a long time they are back and in full force with a new recording, this time inspired by Motorhead, which sits perfectly in their production, this is a well-known Lima crust punk with a light metallic sound and their discography of splits and album. I can only recommend it. Listening is possible on the bandcamp of the band. Each band has two songs here. The single was released in an edition of 500 pieces in co-operation with other labels and was pressed in the USA (Dan kamikadze SPHC). ” - Aback Distro Records (http://abackdistrorecords.blogspot.com) Release date: 2018