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DOOMSISTERS - Discographie CD (Aback Distro Records)



フランスのアンティファ・グラインド・クラスト"DOOMSISTERS"のコンプリート・ディスコグラフィーCD。 収録はリリース元のチェコのAback Distro Recordsの説明を参照のこと: "DOOMSISTERS - Cross section through complete discography of already released recordings. Here comes crust grind fire with sludge passages, which contains 42 cutters with length of 69 minutes! Band members also act in LUST FOR DEATH, GROSSEL. It came out in cooperation with other labels in a load of 500 pieces in the folding package. In short, friends from France who are able to warm up the podium properly. Postal order including patch and button is for 8 Euros. Without postage." Discographie : Songs 1 to 4 from split 7" EP with PER CAPITA Songs 5 to 16 from 12" LP Songs 17 to 20 from split 10" LP with WHORESNATION Songs 21 to 28 from 7" EP Songs 29 to 39 from DEMO CD Songs 40 to 42 from LIVE AT GRRRRND ZERO - Aback Distro Records (http://abackdistrorecords.blogspot.com) 以下のYouTubeにて視聴できます: DOOMSISTERS discographie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d4Cjsz0mQs Release date: 2018