UNHAIM - Dr. Tobehoktr 7"EP (Rinderherz)
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UNHAIM - Dr. Tobehoktr 7"EP (Rinderherz)


¥500 税込


"Four-song-EP by the rowdies of UNHAIM from Biel/Switzerland. Varied, raging crustcore with some metal-influences - these folks have been in Pack, Brutal Massacre and Lost before, which should give you an idea what this EP might sound like. And if you're not already scare after hearing whispered evil lyrics then there's still the spooky cover that even glows in the dark. No online-stuff. You have to get this to find out what it sounds like. Co-Release with Ravachol (Switzerland), Deviance (France) and Alcoholic Desaster (Greece)" - Rinderherz Records Release date: 2010