PROFANE EXISTENCE #55 Zine + CD (Jan-Mar 2008)
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PROFANE EXISTENCE #55 Zine + CD (Jan-Mar 2008)


¥700 税込


I dug up a few old boxes of various PE magazines. Their are very few of these left. Get your copy now before hey are gone forever. The January-March 2008 issue features interviews with the bands ATOMVINTER, WARTORN, COÃCCION, RESISTANT CULTURE, FACE UP TO IT!, THE FALLOUT, MASSMORD, and AUKTION. This issue's featured artist and cover illustrator is Matt Garabedian (you may also know him as the drummer of AUS-ROTTEN and BEHIND ENEMY LINES). There is also an introductory article on struggle for water, Cold Weather Foods in the Vegan Recipes pages, and ACURSED, SKITKIDS and Alan from Despotic Records are grilled in the return of the "Lies, Gossip + Rumors" section. There are also columns, letters, live photos and tons and tons of reviews. This also comes with an hour plus length compilation CD with the track listings as follows: ANTHRAX Exploitation ATROMVINTER Frackast av Alla (Coolest of 'em All)* AUKTION Krig Får Övertygelse BARREN 20 Minutes (demo track) BRING DOWN THE HAMMER Democracy in the Workplace* CLUSTERFUX Read Between The Lines COÃCCION Revolver* THE COOTERS Bustin' Loose EXPENDABLE YOUTH Phobia FACE UP TO IT! Chirac Youth THE FALLOUT Campassion Over Killing FILTHPACT Necessary Evil* GARMONBOZIA Last Will and Testament* MASSGRAVE Reap What They've Sewn KULTURKAMPF Existence* MASSMORD I en Värld Utan Framtid MOUTH SEWN SHUT Watch Out MURDER DISCO X Y.A.S.S.A.W. RESISTANT CULTURE Sentient Predator SECURICOR Nuclear Ignorance (demo) TEARS OF GAIA Movement In the Dead of Night UNDER PRESSURE Whip and Rein VIOLENT HEADACHE M.A.T. No!! WARTORN Prey for Salvation WOLFBRIGADE Digging Graves - Profane Existence (