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PROFANE EXISTENCE #59 Zine (Fall 2010)


¥200 税込


"Issue #59 contains interviews with Dave Dictor of the legendary MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS, Twin Cities hardcore punks IN DEFENCE, artist/illustrator Hush a.k.a. Jeremy Clark—(originally slated as the featured artist in the aborted issue #58). There is also the first of a two part series in memorial of Warren "Spider" Hastings and the legacy of his Punkfests at Spiderland Acres. To round it off, all of our regular columnists are back in full swing, Maygun covers Indian foods in her Vegan Recipe section (also originally slated for #58) and review section that totally raises the bar for the level of thoroughness of each item. This is what punks all about, punks out there stop hang out at the mall grab this paper and read!!" - Profane Existence