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PROFANE EXISTENCE #63 Zine (Fall 2011)



We’re making the old print issues of Profane Existence Magazine available as downloadable PDF files, and will begin working our way backwards through time. Here is the last edition of the printed PE magazines from Fall 2011… https://profanexistence.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/pe63_web.pdf Contents: Boneshaker Books interview BURNT CROSS interview KONTRASEKT interview DRIPFED interview WAR//PLAGUE interview Peace Ridge Sanctuary interview Moshpit Tragedy Records interview Featured artist Daniel Shaw Mosh Against Monsanto New band profiles Columns from Anti-Christy, Bitty, Stinkbot, Damien Inbred, Diamond Doug, Josh Mosh, Mandapocalypse, Leffer, Ben Axiom and Newt Letters, reviews and more. - Profane Existence