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CRUTCHES / KONTRASOSIAL - split 12"LP (Profane Existence)

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"CRUTCHES, from Malmö/Sweden, deliver a fast and full throttle wall-breaking attack of d-beat punk aggression. Raw, brutal and straight to the point. Exactly what we’ve come to love and expect from a band that has become a well-known name in the punk community. Kontrasosial, from Bandung/Indonesia, shoot out eight brilliant crust tracks. Influenced from a 90’s Swedish hardcore and United States crust. It is a perfect blend of late-era ANTI CIMEX and bands like SKAVEN and STORMCROW. Lyrics are against topics like fascism and political corruption. coreleased together with: RELEASED BY Breeding For Extinction Disaster Records, DSSTR 037 www.disasterposse.com Distro-y Records, DY058 [email protected] distroyrecords.com Rawmantic Disasters, RAW091 rawmanticdisasters.blogspot.com Mundo En Kaos Records, M.E.K.034 [email protected] Phobia Records, PR 181 www.phobiarecords.net Profane Existance, EXIST #173 [email protected] profaneexistence.com Up the Punx Records, UTP #57 [email protected] upthepunxrecords.bandcamp.com credits releases March 30, 2019 Mixed & Mastered by Matte P - SCELERIS PRODUCTIONS www.sceleris.se Fartwork by Stiv & Kenterror Layout by Andreas" - Profane Existence https://profaneexistence.bandcamp.com/album/crutches-kontrasosial-chaos-riders-freedom-fighters-split-lp Release date: 2019