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APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT - Armageddon Won't be Brought by Gods​.​.​.​ 7"EP (Profane Existence)



"Every once in a great while, a new band comes along with such intense fury that they capitvate all who hear and see them — APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT is one such band. Hailing from the mountians of West Virginia, ATU belt out a thunderous chorus of eco-awareness and chastisement for mankind’s destructive ways (or at least those who are in control). Musically they combine classic punk, crust, and a hint of metal into a sound that’s likened to later years NAUSEA, totally reinforced by the strong female vocals throughout. Adding to the over-all amazing quality of this EP are additionals touches of brilliance, like the brutally powerful recording by Jay at the Jamroom in South Carolina (Antischism, Damad, etc.) and cover / poster art by Marald. Normally this sort of praise for a job well done is reserved for bands who have been around the block once or twice—not for the debut EP from a band barely formed a year ago. This energetic band has already completed one mini-tour of the US, is planning their second, as well as writing songs for their first full-length LP, due for release in 2008." - Profane Existence Release date: 2007