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ACTIVE MINDS - The Freedom Of The Borough 7"EP (Loony Tunes)


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UKポリティカル・ハードコア/パンク "ACTIVE MINDS" の2018年リリース "The Freedom Of The Borough" 7"EP。 ジャケットからも明白だが、タイトル曲は、死後、少年少女含んだ数百人に性的虐待や強姦を行っていたことが発覚した「サー・ジェームス・ウィルソン・ヴィンセント・サヴィル」(Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile) というUKのBBC司会者・DJを取り上げている。 収録曲(2曲目)の「The Left Need Some New Answer」は、左翼が貧しい人々が直面している問題に対する答えを見つけられないとき、極右がその空白を埋めるという危険性を唄っている。 全7曲収録。 以下は、2020年9月30日付「collective zine」に更新されたレビュー: Active Minds The Freedom Of The Borough Year Released: 2018 Format: 7" Label: Loony Tunes Reviewed by Alex Deller on Sep 13, 2020 Feel like Scarborough's Active Minds need some kind of medal or prize for going at it for so long, having churned out gobby political hardcore since the middle 80s and outlasting innumerable peers and trends. This EP sees the band refusing to slow down (it has, in fact, been superseded by two other releases since it was sent to us) and burning through seven tracks of straightforward punk rock that recall everything from Criminal Damage and the Libido Boyz to the more straight-up end of the 625 Thrash roster. Lyrically they tackle subjects that encompass the vile abuses of Jimmy Saville and the system that covered up his crimes, leftist politics and the blight of social media, with each song accompanied by a mini essay of thoughts and observations. This all said, however, everything from the music and the football terrace delivery to the graphic design is pretty meat and potatoes, and while the band have stuck to their political as well as musical guns over the years there's a definite corniness to proceedings when they start banging on about MySpace. If you're a fan of the band then you'll doubtless have this already, and if you're not but fancy some stodgy, well-intentioned punk then dive on in and dig all the way back to the 80s if you happen to like what you hear. https://www.collective-zine.co.uk/reviews/?id=11660 Release date: 2018