MISANTROPIC - Catharsis 12"LP (Halvfabrikat Records)
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MISANTROPIC - Catharsis 12"LP (Halvfabrikat Records)


¥2,090 税込


スウェディッシュ・アンティファ・メタリック・クラスト "Misantropic" の各方面で絶賛された2020年リリース2ndアルバム。ステッカー付。 "MISANTROPIC are back. You know what to expect: fast d-beat and double bass drums, metallic thrashing punked up riffs, bulldozing bass lines and angry pissed off vocals. A hardcore holocaust." - Halvfabrikat Records https://halvfabrikat.net/backcatalogue/item/4006 “MAKING PUNK A THREAT AGAIN” – INTERVIEW WITH MISANTROPIC http://disastrosonoro.altervista.org/making-punk-a-threat-again-interview-with-misantropic/ - DISASTRO SONORO Release date: 2020