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ASOCIAL - Aldrig Som Er 12"LP (Not Enough)


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レーベル・インフォより: Here's the latest of full on d-beat käng from the lovely legends Asocial. Recorded September 2020, 4 new tunes and 4 revisited classics. As they always deliver a total mayhem when it comes to their live performances it's definitely likewise when it comes to their recordings. Never will there be any disapointmets when it comes to Asocial and their merciless raw punk madness. Aldrig som er! Cover art by Jonas Grahn. 1. Religion Still Fucking Sucks 2. Aldrig Som Er 3. Mentalt Slaveri 4. Egoshit 5. Krossa Nazismen 6. Militär Diktatur 7. Samhällets Offer 8. Asocial Attack First pressing 500 copies, February 7:th 2021 400 copies black vinyl 100 copies purple w black stain vinyl corelease with Burning Anger records. Release date: 2021