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SOCIO LA DIFEKTA - Kreski 7"EP (Beach Impediment Records)



ジャケの色がブルーに変更になったセカンド・プレス入荷。 Beach Impediment Recordsインフォより: Tokyo, Japan's SOCIO LA DIFEKTA have bestowed upon the international punk community a barn burner of a slab in the form of this, the "KRESKI" EP. Featuring members of regional greats like UNARM and MALIMPLIKI among others, this smashing debut contains 6 tracks of rabid yet precise hardcore punk topped off by the dual vocals of Nanae and Iŝimura catapulting their fierce howls in the Esperanto language. Recorded by Shigenori Kobayashi at Tokyo's legendary Noise Room, each record comes in a stunning DIY print sleeve along with a fold out insert chock full of the lyrics and their translations into Japanese and English; all of which was designed and laid out by bassist and renowned visual artist Ippei Matsui. Release date: 2021