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ALBATROSS Number One Zine (albatross)


¥550 税込


"This zine speaks a very clear and brazen voice against the techno-industrial complex. Similar in content to magazines like Green Anarchy and Fifth Estate, but with an added focus on DIY and homesteading skills. Most of the zine appears to be reprints from other sources, but there is some original writing included as well. Many of the articles focus specifically on raising and educating children. The take home message seems to be that mainstream education is corrupted and mainstream parenting is flawed. Luckily some tips and suggestions on how to do things better are included. The two articles that interested me the most were the ones about building a solar fruit dehydrator and canning your own food. No price listed, but I assume copies are free upon request. " -Syndicated Zine Reviews http://syndicatedzinereviews.blogspot.com/2010/02/albatross-1.html