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CRESS - Monuments LP + MP3 (Reissue) (Fight For Your Minds Records)



UKのCRESSのFlat Earth からのファースト・アルバム "Monuments" LP ('97)が、フランスのFight For Your Minds Recordsを始めとし、ドイツのRuin Nation Records、USのProfane Existence3レーベル共同でリマスター再発。 「CRESS」との名付けからも分かる通り (真意は分からないが)、Crass アプローチを基盤に、リズムマシン、キーボード、サンプリングを駆使した「Antisect meets Flux Of Pink Indians meets Killing Joke」とでも言えるその異端すぎるサウンドは、Cress登場以降ー私にとって「CrassよりCress」と言っていいほどだった。USのHis Hero Is Goneの登場により「激情」クラスト全盛の時代となった90年代後半に本作でデビューしたCRESSはちょっとした衝撃だった。歌詞も攻撃的 (イケイケ) で、自分で訳して当時やっていたAcclaimのブログに上げたり、彼らは本当によく聞いた。[Kazu / Acclaim] 以下、Ruin Nationレーベル・インフォより: Originally released by the mighty FLAT EARTH RECORDS in 1997, "Monuments" features 13 tracks of slow, heavy and menacing Anarcho punk played by these six lads from Wigan,UK. Touring excessively around Europe with their rusty Transit, CRESS soon became legendary for their infamous old-school Anarcho-Punk 1-2-1-2 drum tempo sound and chanted hard-hitting slogans to fuse it to the modern D.I.Y. punk sound! - Slow, heavy and menacing mayhem riding along the lines of ANTISECT, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS with a pinch of KILLING JOKE, dark tripped-out sound effects and keyboard, loads of anger aimed at the desecrators of our earth. Punk! Lyrics that are truly heartfelt and well thought out, straightforward and sincere, I can feel the compassion and conviction of the punk community when I hear these songs. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me going! It did so in 1997 and it does today! Nailed on my turntable. Remastered in 2022 at Enormous Door and repacked in a heavy LP Jacket with additional double sided Insert, featuring lyrics and collages. This is a one off repress of 1000 copies between RUIN NATION RECORDS (Germany), FIGHT FOR YOUR MIND (France) and PROFANE EXISTENCE (USA) 296 copies are pressed on aquamarine blue vinyl only available directly from the labels and band. NO EXPORT TO THE USA & CANADA please order from PROFANE EXISTENCE. Cress on this recording: Bass: Dave Cress Drums: Hal 2000 Guitar: Nev Keyboards, Vocals: Ste Tape: Chris Cress Vocals: Joe Vocals, Guitar: Pete Cress Recorded at "In A City" Studio. Bradford Mixed by: Bri Doom & Carl Stipetic Mastered By: Porky Re-Mastered at Enormous Door Mastering by Jack Control 2021 Rest in Punk Nev...and rest in Punk Herne. TRACK LISTING: A1 . Earth A2 . Prisons A3 . TV Screen A4 . Progress A5 . Fears B1 . Monuments B2 . Beasts B3 . One B4 . DIY B5 . Sirens B6 . Machines B7 . Illusions B8 . Safe https://ruinnation.org/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=3437 Release date: 2023