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「トータル・Dビート・アタック」フィンランドの Diskelma は、ストロングなジャパニーズ・ハードコアの影響大な激しいDビート・ハードコア。方や、ロシアの Distress は、真にDischarge/The Varukersスピリットを持つ怒りに満ちたロウ・Dビート・クラストコア。両者共に全3曲収録。アートワークは、現在世界中のDIYパンク/ハードコア・バンドやレーベルから引っ張りだこのセルビアの "Doomsday Graphics" のNesaが担当。フィンランドの Kamaset Levyt、チェコの Human Liberation Front との協同リリース。日本語訳付。 Finnish d-beat crust punk/hardcore with strong Japanese infulences vs Russian heavy d-beat crust punk/hardcore. Cover artwork by Nesa from "Doomsday Graphics". "First off we get 3 tracks of heavy D-Beat from DISKELMA. The lyrics are short but sweet with Japanese translations. They remind me a lot of EXTREME NOISE TERROR. Good stuff. On the flipside we are treated to another 3 tracks of raw angry noise from DISTRESS. I would say that they are heavily influenced by Swedish and Finnish HardCore, wit a bit of DISCLOSE worship thrown in for good measure. Their lyrics are simple and to the point, and also include Japanese translations. Check it out! (Ken Ciderpunk)" - Profane Existence #54 Release date: May 2007