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REDNECKS - Visions Of Mad 7"EP (Hardcore Survives)


¥800 税込


"精力的な活動でLOSE A BORDERを体現し、衝撃を撒き散らすREDNECKS満を持しての2nd EP!1st EP~split EP w/JOHNS TOWN ALOHAの自主音源から更なる破壊力を増し暴発するD-BEAT THRASH!魂の叫びとうなりを上げる音塊が渾然一体となって襲い掛かる!焼増し懐古主義者をなぎ倒し進化し続け、向かうべきPUNK FUTUREへと聴く者を魅了し先導するかの如し2011年型UNDERGROUND HARDCORE PUNK CHARGE!ハードコアパンクの持つ凶暴性と衝動が塩ビ盤の隅々にまで満ち溢れ真空パックされた世界最高峰の爆撃BOMBARDMENT HARDCORE THRASH ATTACK!" "from Tokyo hugest city. This is their 2nd ep. they've already released 1st ep and split ep by own label. these're small copies and not distributed to overseas. I think this time is their first appearance for you. making more poweful sounds like scandinavian feeling bomberdament d-beat hc thrash. but this one is more original than usual "Scandinavian Raw D-beat". speedy and energetic with loud, noisey scream and shout. you will know how awesome this band is. greatest d-beat thrash attack in the world!" - Hardcore Survives (http://hardcore-survives.com) Release date: 2011