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VISIONS OF WAR / ARROGÄNT - split LP (Not Enough)

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レーベル・インフォより: Belgian crusters team up for a deafening d-beat thunder release. Visions of war is the long runners out of these two. Here with a new recording that marks a new era with a solid set of growling gutter crust and brilliant d-beat to it. Arrogänt delivers their debute of release with this release. Dark crusty d-beat with strong growling vocals that makes your fists longing for more. Visions war 1. Subject 2. Colourb(l)indind 3. Global Damnation 4. 3rd side of a coin 5. The end of suffering 6. Social Destructures 7. Strive 8. Locked jaw 9. P.L.B. Arrogänt 1. Fuck off now! 2. Back to the tomb 3. Geript 4. Society failures 5. All distracted 6. Blood red death 7. Pretend we give a fuck First press August 6:th 2021 All together released by us and Loner Cult, Breeding for existence, Phobia, Missing the point, Profane Existence and Scream records. Release date: 2021