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無我 (MUGA) - There Is Nothing Eternal Exists LP (7inch distro)

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※2021年8月25日再入荷。 ギリシャの7inch distroより、無我(MUGA)(名古屋)の2008年リリース2ndアルバム"There Is Nothing Eternal Exists" CD (Dharma Records) がLPバージョンで再発。2019年10月リリース。 以下レーベル・インフォより転載: 無我 (Muga) was a melodic metallic Crust band from Nagoya, Japan. Apart from their two full-length releases, ''無我'' and ''There Is Nothing Eternal Exists'' there is the demo tape ''The Road of Asura'' and a split with Swarrrm. They also appeared on Relapse Record's ''Japanese Assault'' compilation. This is the re-press on vinyl of their 2008 CD "There Is Nothing Eternal Exists". Lmtd 505 on black vinyl with insert plus 30cm x 60cm poster. Release date: 2019